Tips for Switching Your Cat to Raw Food

Tips for Switching Your Cat to Raw Food


If you’re a cat owner looking to provide your furry good friend together with the greatest nourishment feasible, you might like to think about converting their diet to raw food. Not only is raw food more natural and closer to what pet cats would consume in the outdoors, but it additionally delivers a number of health and fitness benefits that classic kibble or processed food products can’t match. Let us check out a number of these rewards and why you should think about transitioning your cat’s diet to raw food.

Much better Nutrient Ingestion

One of the primary benefits associated with raw food diet plans for cats is better source of nourishment consumption. Studies show that cats have problems absorbing plant-dependent proteins present in dried up and processed meals, ultimately causing bad nutrient consumption. Raw food diet programs consist of a lot more pet-centered proteins, that are less difficult for pet cats to break down and process. This means that pet cats on a raw diet program have more from their meals with regards to nutrition, vitamins, vitamins and minerals, and energy.

Healthier Pores and skin & Layer

cat fresh food (貓 鮮食) also benefit from better skin area wellness because of greater levels of Omega3 fatty acids located in most raw foods. Omega 3 fatty acids help to keep the skin moisturized and can lessen inflammation linked to hypersensitive reactions or some other skin area problems. Furthermore, these fatty acids aid advertise a much healthier cover by offering important nourishment that continue to keep hair sparkly and smooth.

Decreased Chance Of Disease

Another key good thing about feeding your cat raw food is decreased chance of sickness due to greater amounts of nutritional vitamins say for example a, E, K2, B1 & B12 as well as vitamins and minerals like zinc and the mineral magnesium which are seen in raw diet programs but not always contained in dried up or processed foods. These nutritional vitamins engage in a huge role in improving immune system degrees although stopping ailments caused by nutritional inadequacies like anemia or renal malfunction. Furthermore, since there are no preservatives or artificial additives in the majority of commercially available raw foods, there is significantly less possibility your cat will suffer from any hypersensitive reactions or sensitivities brought on by artificial substances often seen in dry and canned family pet food items.


Raw food diet programs offer you numerous health benefits for pet cats in comparison with classic kibble or processed animal foods—from much better source of nourishment intake to enhanced skin health and lowered chance of illness—making them a perfect option for any animal mother or father seeking to give their furry associate ideal nutrients. If you’re contemplating creating the move from kibble or canned food to your raw diet program to your feline friend, make sure you speak to your veterinarian first about which kind of diet program might be best best for them according to their personal requires!