How To Make Glass Album Covers: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Make Glass Album Covers: A Step-By-Step Guide

The album cover is an important area of the songs business. It’s first of all , an performer recognizes when they’re browsing their selection, and it could be a fantastic piece of art to hang on your wall structure or give like a gift item. This web site submit will teach you learning to make your very own custom 3D Photo crystal with components from throughout the house!

Very first, you want the following ingredients:

-Cup (you should use an older photo frame or maybe a window if you want!)

-Sharpie Color Marker pens in every coloration(s) of your respective selecting

-Mod Podge Gloss Finish, sealer spray, or any other crystal clear layer accomplish

DIY recording protect instructions:

Now that you have all the constituents to make cup record includes it’s time to start! First, choose which aspect is going to be inside and outdoors. Then remove each Sharpie color marker and enhance apart!

Be sure never to push too much since these marker pens are incredibly permanent. You may need multiple jackets depending on how opaque you’d like them. After things are dried out pull off the tape in order that no sharpies bleed under then apply a crystal clear jacket.

I feel everything appearance excellent except maybe then add shade details on the top left spot and then add glow or bling into it. You can also embellish the glass album include employing fresh paint pencils for cup when you don’t desire to use sharpies. Use different colors and styles making it more unique.

The cup record protect needs to have an effortless even layer so that it won’t damage, Use Mod Podge or perhaps a very similar merchandise to guard the window from getting broken. On the mod podge, you can use a sealer spray, that is non-dangerous so that it won’t possess any terrible impact on your glass recording protect.

Ensure the coating posseses an even all-on the area for security and decor uses. The outcome ought to be smooth with no/minimum scrapes when beautifying employing Sharpies painting marker pens.

Tha Harsh Truth

That’s it! Now you have an exclusive window recording include that may go fantastic inside your music series.