A Look Back at Tom Brady’s Historic Rookie Card

A Look Back at Tom Brady’s Historic Rookie Card

Tom Brady is among the most popular labels in the National football league. He has received six Extremely Bowls and it is regarded as by many to get the highest quarterback ever. As a result, it will can come as no surprise that his rookie card is actually a highly popular vintage. On this page, we’ll acquire a closer look at Tom Brady Rookie Card and its prospective importance.

Tom Brady’s Rookie Card Historical past

Tom Brady Rookie Card was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2000, so that’s when his rookie cards very first began showing in packs of trading cards. His rookie cards can be found in 2000 Topps Baseball Cards, 2000 Fleer Baseball Cards, and 2000 Pacific Football Cards, and the like. Whilst his very first-season cards are the most valuable kinds in terms of collector value, later-season cards showcasing him can also be quite exceptional and beneficial dependant upon their issue.

Importance of Tom Brady’s Rookie Card

Value of a Tom Brady rookie card is determined by various elements including its issue, scarcity, and other information. Most of the time however, some versions of his rookie cards are worthy of hundreds or perhaps tens of thousands of money! For instance, the 2000 Bowman Stainless Autograph Refractor #236 that includes a approved autograph from Tom himself may be worth approximately $30-40k! Other types of his card can range from the couple of hundred dollars to many thousand $ $ $ $ dependant upon their problem and rarity.


Tom Brady’s rookie card is surely an incredibly useful valuable for virtually any fan or collector—especially should you have been adhering to him since he initially came into the NFL in 2000. It’s not all the day you can own a bit of background such as this! No matter if you’re looking to spend or simply show off your series to friends and family members, there’s no question that possessing a sheet of Tom Brady memorabilia like his rookie card provides an unbelievable dialogue beginner!